Professor John Sutton and the Enterprise Map Series

Enterprise Map Series – An Excellent Primer

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In my opinion, one of the current challenges facing analysts researching businesses in sub-Saharan Africa is finding written business and financial coverage – like FT, WSJ, SEC Filings (10K, 10Q, S1), Investigative Reporting, etc… It was refreshing to come across the Enterprise Map Series by Professor John Sutton at LSE. Professor Sutton faced the same challenges and ran into the same wall. Rather than whine about it, he got on a plane and tried to find the answers.

Not only has Professor Sutton published a detailed Enterprise Map of a few African countries, but also has translated them into other languages (Chinese and Portuguese).

They are posted on the International Growth Center website:

Alternatively you can purchase the paperback versions from Amazon.

The only thing to take into consideration is that Africa is developing rapidly and the Enterprise Map Series is a snapshot in time. In some cases the changes since the document was written are substantial. For example, both Ghana and Zambia in 2014 have seen their currencies depreciate against the USD substantially and have had or are currently in discussions with World Bank/IMF for assistance on currency stabilization.

Needless to say, these publications are a great primer and a fantastic resource for those seeking to understand the sub-Saharan African enterprise map. We encourage professor Sutton to continue the great work he is doing.

You can read more about professor Sutton on the IGC website.

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