About Me

My name is Abdallah Toutoungi. I am chief capital allocator of Cordoba Fund. Having lived on the bleeding edge of technology for many years, Warren and Charlie were a breath of fresh air and a reason to slow down and contemplate business and life. After leaving Microsoft, I set up a family and friends fund and have been enjoying the wisdom seeking journey and the deep intellectual content that value investing brings to my life and others. Cordoba Introductory Letter

Our fund operates mainly on the premise that the stock markets can be exploited in the long-term by a patient and intelligent investor. Not only is this premise not new, but has also been touted for generations from Graham to Buffett to ‘The Super Investors of Graham-and-Doddsville’. Since the stock price of a business cannot be viewed independently from the underlying business, the stock price sometimes reflects the emotions of the market rather than the underlying value of the business. In our view, a patient and intelligent investor can take advantage of these bargain prices in the market until the market realizes and corrects its folly. Cordoba Fund – Investment Philosophy

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